Arthur & Gwen Levi

As with many things in life you don’t realise how important some things are until it’s too late. I’ve always known my parents were ‘special’ but it wasn’t until my mother’s passing on 19 July 2008 that I realised just how special they actually were and how many lives they had touched.

Many of the friends that attended their funerals have only known them since they came to Israel in 1981 and will only remember how they were in their latter years. I therefore wanted to create this tribute to them to show an insight into the strong and capable couple that they both were.

Gwen Beatrice Levi 1920 – 2008

Gwen, or “Auntie Gwen” as she was affectionately known, will be remembered by many as the dedicated Yavne and Cheder teacher of the Belfast Community during the 1960’s & 70’s and a prominent figure within the community . But she was so much more… a loving grandmother, daughter and sister to her seven older siblings, an army technician during the war, active in AJEX, teacher, a wonderful wife and the best mother anyone could wish for.

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Arthur Maurice Levi 1923 – 2011

“Uncle Arthur” was a very kind and giving man, always ready to help. Along with Gwen, he will be remembered as one of the pillars of the Belfast Jewish Community and for his untiring volunteer work in Israel and, like Gwen, has touched countless lives over the years. This website will show a small insight into the person that Arthur was, the Cub Scout leader, the Vespa lover, the Freemason, the book lover, the loving husband, father and grandfather, the volunteer English assistant and the prolific Limerick, short story and journal writer.

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4 Responses

  1. Steven Jaffe

    Wonderful memories of both Arthur and Gwen Levi who were amongst the very best people who touched my childhood in Belfast. Long life to Jon and Ben. I hope the tremendous regard for your parents, already evident from the comments here,is a source of comfort and pride.

  2. Glenda Baum

    I did not really get to know Auntie Gwen and Uncle Arthur until they moved to Israel. I first remember meeting Gwen when staying with my Grandfather and my four Aunts in Sunderland. Gwen was the youngest and liveliest. After that I only saw her occasionally. I was not allowed to go to their wedding because I had an important exam in Edinburgh the same day. I really got to know Gwen and Arthur through Ben, who became dear to us when he was living in London, and we subsequently visited Rishon Le Zion to see them on every Israeli trip. However, their fame as `Belfast Community Mensch’ did reach Edinburgh in my early days. When they made Aliyah they kept their Irishness, particularly their senses of humour. They were thoroughly good, kindly folk who were very proud of their sons, but perhaps not very good at expressing their emotions, as was the norm in those days. They would be so chuffed to see this wonderful website – but perhaps they are looking down from the ether!

  3. Esther Leah Avner

    I remember Arthur from Belfast, when he was a special scout, and I was a member of the newly established Belfast Jewish Girl Guides. Many years later,I met him again, when, together with Gwen, he visited my brother, Menachem Bendavid in Rishon Letsiyon where Menachem was also living with his wife Nita. Menachem, who had been a partner with Arthur in leading the Jewish cubs in Belfast, (his name was Monty Davidson then), was eager for us to meet his old friends from Belfast. I was very impressed by the Levis and shall never forget that mini reunion. Menachem passed away in 1988. So that reunion occurred probably in 86 or 87. Menachem’s wife , Nita passed away only last year. She too was very close to and a great admirer of the Levis.
    May the memory of both couples be blessed!
    Esther Leah Avner

  4. Robert Hodes

    Wishing you Long Life,

    With fond memories of the Kestrels, Lichstral, Frans Chris & Eddie and the Hudson Racer.